Things to Take to Marrakesh, Morocco


What to take to Marrakesh...

Pack Light!


Things to take on a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco 10 days or less in March...

"Taake 5" Travelwear Collection

(3) Knit Pants; Mid-Pant, Full Pant

(3) Knit Tops; Crewneck, Kimono Style

(1) Knit Dress; Mid-Dress

(1) Sweater

(1) Hardshell Suitcase; to sustain the transport

(1) Pair of Comfortable Shoes; for lots of walking and sight seeing

(1) Pair of Sneakers; superior support

Hygenics; 3 oz. toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, toothbrush, washcloths, etc...) 



Yes! Washcloths. Upon arriving to my Riad (motel), I wanted to shower and change my clothes after an 18 hour flight. I discovered, there were plenty of towels, but no sign of any washcloths in Marrakesh; at the Riad or the Mart. 

When I inquired at the Mart (The Souk) the merchants I questioned, became quite agitated after countless attempts to describe what I wanted. Nonetheless, I improvised and cut a towel into (4) equivalent parts to meet my needs. 

R Brown