Regina McWhite

Established 1967
An Appealing Quality Filled With Grace, Having No Beginning or End.
— RMc


Regina McWhite-Brown is an American designer who is the Founder of Regina McWhite Incorporated. A classic contemporary ready-to-wear brand.

As a young child she would collect the once '"3" inch thick U.S. Vogue magazines from the late 70's & 80's eras.  She would marvel over the classic subtle styles that permeated it's pages, and would sketch designs marrying the two era's. As a result, she developed a conservative appeal that influences the principles of her designs.

Regina is a natural artist with a keen sense of style.  Every piece/collection designed, is indicative of women who are; confident, powerful, & poised. Her aesthetic is invariably distinctive, timeless, & infused with character. 

She holds a B.Sc./Marketing & an MBA with fifteen years experience in the fashion industry. In addition, to fashion & style, she loves supporting social causes that improve human life and human rights. 

In 2001, she founded  a childrens label "Likorice Apparel" with accounts ranging from Pennsylvania to U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix. In 2009, the brand and company was dissolved. In 2014, the Regina McWhite brand/label was launched. She debuted her first collection to support "Cooking Up Couture"... a benefit to help eradicate hunger. Since, she's been featured in several regional fashion shows, and some of her exclusive pieces can be found in local boutiques.


Regina McWhite is...

A brand that exudes natural confidence.

A brand that is "Timeless, Poised, & Distinctive...

An appealing quality filled with grace, having no beginning or end."


Regina McWhite is in compliance with the United States Department of labor laws: Labor Compliance In Global Supply Chains. Eighty percent of our collections are handmade, and twenty percent is manufactured in the United States of America. Products such as; handbags and shoes are outsourced to artisans, craftsman, and ethical manufacturers in Catalonia Spain and North Africa. Partnerships are formed based upon, that they are in compliance with the responsible manufacturing act: Anti-Child Labor & Modern Slavery Laws.  

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